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YES! I’m ready to start receiving Adam’s GO signals every time another stock enters the Green Zone and is ready to take off! Please sign me up to become a new member of Adam O’Dell’s Cycle 9 Alert.

Every week, Adam will send me an update on the current state of the markets, any actions to take on the open trades in our portfolio and the latest stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that have generated enough speed and momentum to take off from the Green Zone.

Whether you trade stocks or options, the secret to making the highest returns is knowing which stocks are about to make the biggest moves.

That’s why thousands of my readers rely on my Green Zone strategy to decide exactly when to jump into a position.

I developed this strategy over a decade ago based on one guiding principle…

Price action is the most reliable indicator of future market moves.

You can ignore all the noise of politics, economics and earnings and focus on what the major players in the market are telling you by where they place their bets.

I use my proprietary Green Zone indicator to determine when a stock has both the “speed” and the “momentum” to take off…

And when I get a GO signal from my system, I double-check the data, review the research and quickly put together a trade opportunity exclusively for my subscribers.

While the specific recommendation will be my best options pick to maximize profit potential, you can also use the research to trade the underlying stock.

As a new subscriber to Cycle 9 Alert, your name will be on the list to receive my next GO signal…

You’ll receive the next opportunity to bank fast double- or triple-digit gains such as the 120 winners — and counting — I’ve already delivered to my readers:

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I’m very pleased with my subscription to Cycle 9 Alert. Recent successful results include the April 21, 2020 SFM calls at $2.85 – I sold half at $5.20 after two weeks and the other half is currently at $5.70. I also bought GOLD calls on February 18, 2020 at $1.76, sold half at $3.35 about eight weeks later and the other half is currently at $7.05! I’m currently reinvesting my gains in future trades as I’m building a nest egg for retirement.Rob R.

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I only invested $3,000 [into shares of ROK], closed the whole trade and made 107% [over the course of six weeks]. Which is great. As I proceed I will invest more. Very easy to place trades. You will have me forever. — Sarah H.

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I can't begin to express how grateful I am for finding Cycle 9 Alert. I put just $4K into your trade suggestion on this and already have doubled my money to $8k [in five weeks], not to mention I've made money on two other holdings. You have such an amazing system! It more than paid back its cost in a couple of months, and I haven't even been trading that much. — Brian W.

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Here’s Everything You’ll Receive…

Cycle 9 Alert Weekly Research Update

Every week, I review all of the open positions in our Cycle 9 Alert model portfolio. I also update you on the latest financial events and trends so you can always be “in the know,” or perhaps even ready to lock in gains or free up cash when we cycle into a new position. The educational value in my weekly updates alone makes joining well worth it.

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Cycle 9 Trade Alerts

You'll receive a trade alert every time my system flashes GO and I decide the opportunity is ripe for picking. Each alert will include the ticker symbol and specific entry price for our latest Green Zone opportunity. I’ll also break down each play with my expert analysis.

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Cycle 9 Sell Alerts

We don't marry any position in Cycle 9 Alert. As soon as my system says a stock has exited the Green Zone, it’s time to book any profits and move onto the next potential winner.

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Cycle 9 Alert Concierge Service

Membership in Cycle 9 Alert includes unlimited usage of our concierge service. If you have any questions about your account or my Cycle 9 service, you have a personal hotline to the Cycle 9 Alert support team.

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Access to our VIP Website

You also get 24/7 members-only access to the VIP website. Log in and get immediate access to a complete archive of our weekly updates, trade alerts, sell alerts, special reports and a live look at our current model portfolio and past performance.

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And when you accept this offer today, I'll also send you the additional resources I told you about.

The Strategy Report: The Secrets to 90-Day Profits

This special briefing details how my Cycle 9 Alert system helps me identify the massive profit opportunities that have given my readers the chance to pocket over 120 double- and triple-digit winners. You'll also discover how you can profit in up, down and sideways markets simply by using my GO signal to find the best trades in any market sector.

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The Profitable Impact of Seasonal Clusters

As the calendar changes and sectors rotate, so should your money. I've run a full sweep of tests through the calendar year and the results are in! Grab this report today and discover the best three-month period to buy each of the major market sectors.

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The Simple Way to Profit With Green Zone Stocks

This short report will show you exactly how you could still stack rock-solid gains inside your portfolio simply buying the underlying stock on the options plays I recommend inside Cycle 9 Alert. I'm talking gains like 34%, 31%, 59%, 64% and more … in just three months! If you're not ready to dive into options yet, this is a perfect way to build your wealth while you learn.

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The Cycle 9 Guide to Maximizing Profits With Options

Contrary to popular belief, options are very easy to use. And if you're at all concerned about jumping into options, I've made it even easier by putting together this video tutorial. You'll learn everything you need to know to understand your Cycle 9 trade alerts and place every buy-and-sell order. Just spend some time watching this video series, and you'll be ready to profit from the first GO signal to hit your inbox.

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That's FOUR free resources you get immediate access to when you accept your no-risk trial to Cycle 9 Alert.


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The regular retail price for Cycle 9 Alert is $4,995, an absolute bargain considering the number of options recommendations you’ll get with high profit potential.

Even hitting on just one triple-digit winner could more than pay for your subscription.

Today, you can lock in one year of Cycle 9 Alert for just $1,795 — 64% off the retail price.

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